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Advanced Deep Tissue Massage &
Manual Therapy

What to Expect during your session

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Advanced Deep Tissue

During this type of session, your posture and body holding patterns will be accessed. Once a plan of action has been reached, your Therapist will implement the appropriate manual therapy modalities. These modalities may consist of; rossiter/fascia stretching, trigger point therapy, hands-on fascia release techniques, cupping, and standard massage techniques.

These are all used to address the body misalignments as a whole. 

The goal of this type of session is to decrease pain, improve mobility, and increase vitality. Each session will bring you closer to living with less pain. Consecutive sessions are advised. Compiling these sessions will optimize results.


Compensation & Structural Alignment Assessment

When a client first comes in, we will access their body for compensation patterns and misalignments. By assessing the bodies alignment, i.e. posture, we are able to focus on key areas of constriction. 

Our bodies carry us throughout our lives, performing tasks, processing emotions, maintaining order and function. It would be safe to say, most people are walking around with some form of imbalance. Over time these imbalances can compile into a problem. Our bones and joints are meant to hold up our weight, our muscles and soft tissue are meant to move us into action. When we have misalignments in this system, compensation occurs. A strong muscle has to kick in for a weak muscle. The fascia has to jump in to prevent muscle injury or joint dislocation.

Working with the body through compensation and misalignment patterns helps it to unwind naturally. It releases dysfunction and frees you to get back to performing at your best.


Fascia Release

Fascia Release is a safe and effective treatment that specifically targets the fascia. The fascia is an intricate web of connective tissue that encompasses everything in the entire body, from your toes to the top of your head. It responds differently than muscle, so it must be approached differently. 

During this technique the fascia is firmly held while the energy is transferred from the Therapist to the client. This heats up the tissue, and allows it to relax back into it's elongated position. 


Trigger Points

Trigger Points are a common cause of pain. They are acute points of pain that may refer to another area of the body. Effective treatment requires detecting these points and working with them to help them release.


Rolf Method of Structural Integration

A systematic series of progressive bodywork that works that works the different layers of fascia superficially to deep over the course of 10-12 sessions to produce a more harmonious functioning structure that has had the effects of injury, long-term athletic endeavors, or illness. Traditional massage draping is not used and therefore the client must be in a two-piece bathing suit or undergarments. No sports bras please.



Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which your Therapist will apply vacuum pressure cups on your skin to create suction. These may be left on one area or moved around to release adhered tissue. This treatment often helps with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.


Medical Massage/Injury Massage

Like Deep Tissue it is specific muscle work, and arnica cream. The difference is it is not full-body. This type of massage focuses on two to three areas of pain and consists of educational exercises to help you care for the injury while it heals. If needed progress notes and statements of payment can be provided for you to submit your accident claim.



Swedish style Massage techniques are used to relax the client, increase circulation, and integrate other techniques.


Sports Massage

Full-body massage that uses a variety of pressure, arnica cream, and range of motion stretching. Can be done before and/or after a sporting event, or as a regular wellness massage.