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Client Reviews

Clients Love the Results They're Getting!

"Sara Church-Cowart is an incredible massage therapist! When I leave from an appointment with her, I feel great! She is also really in tune with my body after my back injury. I completely trust her and appreciate how she helps relieve my stress and how she makes my body feel so wonderful and relaxed."

Satya L.

August 10, 2011

"My experience with Sara was a life changer. Sara is the first massage therapist that I have ever completely trusted. I have always been a skeptic and honestly fearful of deep tissue manipulation. Sara exudes knowledge, passion for her profession and compassion for her clients. I call her the knot whisper. It boggles my mind how she is able to zone right in and find the problem areas. Sara is also very good at communicating and describing what she is doing and why. Eventually, I was able to stop seeing my chiroprator because my body was responding so well to Sara's work.

Seriously 10 out of 10 stars!!!"

Kate T.

October 1, 2016

"Thank you Sara Church-Cowart for the most amazing massage! I highly recommend Sara! Her hands are magical and she offers a variety of techniques and different levels of depth depending on what your needs are. Grateful for your talent my friend!"

Darci S.

August 11, 2016

"She is awesome! I feel like a champ!" 

Javier L.

June, 2018

"I treated myself to a 90 minute deep tissue massage from Sara, and it was amazing. I have had some very tight mid-back issues for a year or more now, and she worked it deeply and skillfully. She also identified that my right hip and shoulder were out of alignment, which is contributing to my pain & tightness. No other massage therapist had discovered this yet! I highly recommend Sara. I will be back."

Brian B.

October, 2018

"The service provided exceeded my expectations. Thank you."

Renee C.

July, 2019

"This provider has THE gift!!!!! Worth every penny"

LouAnn C.

July, 2019