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Top Questions

Why does it cost so much?

The cost of each session is reflected in the very high quality of care you will receive.
- You will feel better at the end of your session.
- You will feel a change within your body; reduced pain and tension.
- You will also feel more grounded and at ease. 
- You will learn how to better take care of your body.
- During the session, you will feel what is going on with your body from a new perspective. You will become aware of areas of tension that you didn't know you had. 
- You will benefit from the numerous healthy side effects of your session; improved immunity, increased cardiovascular function, a more balanced endocrine system (hormones), more restful sleep, a calm mind/less racing thoughts, and increased range of motion for proper performance (to name a few...).

What is your approach to massage?

I help my clients get more structurally aligned, freeing up joints, lengthening muscles and fascia and releasing stuck & congested tissue. When a client first comes in, I will access their body for compensation patterns and misalignments. Depending on what their goals are; I will work with a variety of modalities to release the misalignments and compensation patterns.
I'm here to facilitate the process of moving through your pain patterns. I will listen to what you want for your session and implement my knowledge and experience to gain the results you are looking for.
I work with people that have low back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, hip pain, etc... I believe that each person has their own inner wisdom and feedback for the session, and working together will let us reach optimal results.

How often should I be getting bodywork?

Now, this totally depends on the person. Generally speaking, if a person is wanting to relieve a pain pattern, I suggest coming in for at least 3 sessions back to back (spread 1-2 weeks apart). The more we can compile the sessions the quicker the progress. Then, once a satisfactory state is reached the client can benefit from a maintenance plan of once a month.
If we're talking Rossiter Stretching, I would say 4-6 sessions and then reassess. Many people use Rossiter to work through pain patterns and then once it dissolves they turn to Massage Therapy to maintain their bodywork.